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I was an A/B student a few years ago, and now there's a problem. I'm a 6th grader whose "homework forgetting level" is increasing. For some reason, I often leave some of my homework home. Can you help me so I will then rarely forget my homework?

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    Do you have a book sack or some other device that you use to carry your books home. When you finish your homework, and before you do anything else, place your home work in the book sack/other means you use and place that device in the car/by the back door/other conspicuous place. That should help you remember to have it with you the next day in class. Other tutors may have other suggestions.

  • Homework (in general)--help! -

    DrBob posted some excellent suggestions.

    Frantic -- I suspect you're the parent of the 6th grader. Your child has to want to turn in his/her homework. For some reason, many students at this age are focused on so many other things, that homework takes a back seat. Sometimes "forgetfulness" is an independent and defiant action -- albeit not really recognized by the child.

    I suggest you try and help the child follow DrBob's suggestions. If -- after a few weeks -- that isn't working -- you have another option. Then you can stand back and -- with "tough love" -- don't remind your child. Be available if s/he needs help -- but don't do it for him/her. Let the natural consequences that the school and teacher impose do the job. If your child gets low grades because of not turning in homework on time, so be it, although you may want to place sanctions on him/her at home -- such as grounding or not having privileges.

    On a bright note, a friend of mine had the same problems in 6th and 7th grade. Today she's a successful sophomore at the University of Michigan.

    As my son said when he was a high school sophomore and I asked him why some of his behaviors were much better -- he said, "I guess I just grew up."

    Good luck!

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