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8th Grade Algebra1

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I don't understand this question, so if anyone can answer it, that would be great!
We are doing motion problems, so as you probably know, the formula is d=rt.
(distance equals rate times time.) We have to make a chart to answer the following question...
A roller coaster goes down the first grade eight times faster than it goes up the other side. If the distance down the hill is 100 feet more than the distance up the hill and if it takes 70 seconds to go up and 10 seconds to go down, what is the speed in feet per second of the roller coaster when it goes up the hill and when it comes down the hill?

If you can answer this, thank you SO much! :)

  • 8th Grade Algebra1 -

    My question is in the first line

    where was the speed of the roller coaster measured when going down? At the bottom? AT the middle?
    Where was the speed of the roller coaster measured going upwards?

    Saying it went down the first grade 8 times faster than going up is not very specific.

  • 8th Grade Algebra1 -

    thats the exact copy of the i don't have anymore information. :(

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