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I'm looking for the past exam questions.
Could you help me?
Where I can find?

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    Exam questions for which exam?

  • exam questions -

    What exam?

    If you're looking for released tests and questions for SAT or AP exams, you can try www.collegeboard.com

    Otherwise, you should try searching via Google -- www.google.com
    SAT released tests
    SAT practice tests
    SAT practice questions
    AP world history practice questions

    ...or other search terms like these, but tailored to whatever you're searching for. However, if you're looking for answers to certain tests, you'll probably not find much online. Exam and test makers are smarter than that!

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    I'm looking for IB(SL)mathematics exam questions. passed or sample?
    I need sample math IB questions.
    thanks for your attention..

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    Check this site.


    I found several other sites by Googling IB(SL)mathematics exam questions, but they seemed to be selling these questions.

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    yes I have looked that site but as you say they are selling these questions. I'm looking for free one..
    do you have any other idea?
    thanks again:)

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    Sorry. I didn't go deep enough into the site to realize it was selling the questions.

    I doubt if you'll find any free questions on the Internet. I suggest you ask your instructor for advice.

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    unfortunately I'm the instructor. this is my first year at IB programme.
    maybe I could ask other teachers.

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    When I was teaching AP English, I went to workshops, both for knowing what literature to include and to get information about released and future tests.

    Look around for conferences and workshops for IB teachers and go! The information you can gather in these places is amazing.

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    Yes you're right but here in a third world country it's not easy. despite all I have to do.
    thanks for your advice.

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    You may find there are teachers at other schools in other countries from whom you can get ideas and information ... and maybe even copies of released tests. You should also be able to access information online if you can acquire special IB teacher access codes or whatever it takes.

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    As an IB teacher, I can tell you most teachers will tell you "I have my own archives." Since they would not share, I became as examiner. I suggest you do the same, although now each teacher is required to grade the exams for each class.

    Here are the IB World Schools:



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    As you said they have their own archives which are not open to share.
    so I'm writing here and looking for help. how did you become as examiner? Could explain for me??

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    P.S. You have probably already seen these sites:

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IB_Group_5_subjects

    2. http://www.nctm.org/resources/content.aspx?id=1778

    3. (the IB Store): http://store.ibo.org/index.php?cPath=23_32

    4. (PDF report): http://www.ibo.org/programmes/research/resources/math/mathematics.cfm

    5. (not connected with IB): http://www.ibmaths.com/


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    I've already seen some of these sites but not all.
    thanks for your advice.

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