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1. They are balls on the desk.
1-2. The balls on the desk are some.

(Are they grammatical? Would you change them into correct ones?)

2. Is given name first mame or middle name?

3. I live with my parents in the country.
3-1. I live in the country with my parents.

(Are both correct?)

4. Kate drank a coke.
4-1. Kate drank a Coke.
4-2. Kate drank a cola.
4-3. Kate drank a Cold.
(Which one is grammatical?)

5. Don bought a cup of ice cream.
5-1. Don bought an ice cream.
5-2. Don bought ice cream.
(Are they all correct?)

6. At a snack bar, can you buy wine or liquor? What food can you buy at a snack bar? Is 'snack bar' 'dining room'?

7. I bought my friend an ice cream cone.
(Is this sentence correct?)

  • English -

    1. Neither is correct. Try this:
    Some balls are on the desk.
    There are some balls on the desk.

    2. Is your given name your first name or your middle name or both?

    3. Both are fine.

    4. 4-1 and 4-2 are correct.

    5. All are correct.

    6. All looks good except that last part. You should say, "Is the snack bar the same as the dining room?"

    7. Perfect.


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