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I need help with these two problems:

1.The H-Cl bond has a frequency of vibration of 8.662 multiplied by 10^13 Hz. What wavelength (in µm) corresponds to that frequency?

-is the answer just (3.00x10^8 m*s)/(8.662x10^13 s^-1)

2.A flame has a characteristic color due to emissions of photons of wavelength 525 nm. What is the mass equivalence of 2 mol photons of this wavelength (1 J = 1 kg·m2/s2)?

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    For 1 you have it correct except that the problem asks for the answer in micrometers and your answer has the unit of meters.

    For 2,
    E = hc/wavelength.
    Remember to convert wavelength from nm to meters and that will give you the energy for one photon. Multiply that by 2 to give you two photons and set that equal to mc^2 to calculate mass.

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