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Intro to Computer Programming - Pseudocode

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This assignment (below) jumped way ahead of my abilities compared to the last assignment. I think I need a parallel array or a 2D array, an accumulator or loop counter, a verification of input, and Boolean something. But I'm not sure how to write it. We're not writing pseudocode in any particular language. Here's the problem:

Design a program that grades a student exam. The exam has 25 multiple choice questions. The correct answers are: 1.B, 2.C, 3.A, 4.A, 5.D, 6.B, 7.A, 8.C, 9.C, 10.D, 11.B, 12.A, 13.D, 14.D, 15.D, 16.C, 17.B, 18.A, 19.D, 20.B, 21.D, 22.A, 23.D, 24.B, 25.C.

Have your program store these answers in an array (store each answer as an element of a string array).
Have the program ask the user to input student's answers to the questions and store them in another array.
Display a message telling whether the student passed or failed. 18 or more correct answers to pass, 17 or fewer correct answers = fail.
Then display total number of correct answers, total number of incorrect answsers, and a list showing question numbers of incorrectly answered questions.

  • Intro to Computer Programming - Pseudocode -

    You don't need a 2D array. You probably do need a loop (although some languages have features that kind of let you avoid that).

    You'll need at least two 1D arrays. (Possibly 3, depending on how you implement it)

    What you need to do is this:
    Get the student's answers from the user.
    ->Store this in an array
    Compare each answer to the correct one for the corresponding question
    ->Correct answers also in an array
    Separate the correct answers from the incorrect.
    Calculate your output from this.

  • Intro to Computer Programming - Pseudocode -

    wap to produce a report card of three students

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