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how do you factor


it might be simple i am not seeing it..
please help so i can continue with the problem...thanks

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    Well, by inspection, I see that m=1 works, so divide m-1 into the polynomial to see what is left.

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    okey i am confused. We are suppose to solve for what m is equal to...i thought we could factor by grouping...but didn't know exactly how..please explain

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    one factor is by inspection (m-1)

    Divide then m^3+5m^2+3m-9 by (m-1) and you will have the second factor, which I suspect can then be factored easily.

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    i honestly don't see how u divid it and u get the answer...please explain in detail

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    You can also use the Rational Roots Theorem. If m = p/q is a solution, then p has to be a divisor of -9 and q a divisor of 1 (-9 is the constant term and 1 is the coefficient of the highest power of m).

    This means that all rational solutins must be divisors of 9.

    So, you only have to try m = 1, m = -1, m= 3, m = -3, m = 9 and m = -9.

    I besides m = 1, m = -3 is a solution. If you had found no other solution besides m = 1, then that would have menat that the other solutioins are not rational numbers. If we find one other, then that means that the remaining one must also be a rational number. But if only m = 1 and m = -3 are the possible rational solutions, this means that one of the roots is a double root.

    In this case, you fiund that m = -3 is the double root, and the factorization is:


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