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Montreal and Quebec City are about 260km apart along Route 20 in Canada.
Sylvia is leaving Montreal to go to Quebec City at a speed of 90km per hour. And Anne is leaving Quebec City to go to Montreal at a speed of 105km per hour.

a) When and where do Slyvie and Anne pass each other? (Assume that neither one stops along the way. Include a table or a graph with your answer.) Hint: When are they the same distance from Montreal?

b) Write an equation to model this situation. Then show how to solve the equation.

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    The key is that they both drove the same time.
    let distance driven by Sylvia when they pass each other be x km
    then distance driven by Anne would be 260 - x km

    Time for Sylvia = x/90
    Time for Anne = (260-x)/105

    so x/90 = (260-x)/105

    cross-multiply and solve for x, then sub the x value into x/90 to find the time

    (BTW, totally off topic, I'll be driving to Montreal on Friday)

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