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predict the number of people that may live on planet earth in 100 years.

how would i figure this out??

  • Population Density - Geo -

    ive only been waiting 25 mins and other ppl r getting help like 5 mins later

  • Population Density - Geo -

    Jasmine. Hold on. WE answer as we can, first in our primary knowledge areas, then the others. Actually, my kids getting ready for baths first, then. Be patient.

  • Population Density - Geo -

    You have to decide what the model wlll be. What has population done in the last 100 years? Do you think that will continue? You estimate is a pure guess. I would base it on the last one hundred years.

  • Population Density - Geo -

    how would i do it in population density though??

  • Population Density - Geo -

    i know this but how would i do it for the whole world? sperate for every single country??
    number of people number
    (line) = (line) = ppl
    land area number per km2

  • Population Density - Geo -

    I would do it for the entire world: project the increase in world population, and the area stays the same.

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