math urgent help needed

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the question is:

if x=3 and z= -1

i did the the question and got the answer - 14 ....but the answer key that i got say -20....can anyone help me... with this plz....

  • math urgent help needed -

    What I would do is replace the variables with the numbers and set it up like this:

    (-3 x 3) + (-2 x -1) -7.

    What's strange is that I got -14, too. The key could be incorrect, I have had mistakes in my math book before. If this homework isn't being graded, don't stress out about it, I'm sure your teacher will understand if it's not right. Good luck!

  • math urgent help needed -

    -9+2-7= -14

    i have no idea why
    it says its -20

  • math urgent help needed -

    thanks a lot

  • math urgent help needed -

    it’s not that difficult I was not too good in probability and even in algebra i learnt from an online tutoring education company that's tcyonline
    this also give individual sessions for a particular topic i was enrolled for a package in algebra and probability

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