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For the following reactions is delta Hrnx equal to delta Hf of the products :

a. CaCO3(g)----> CaO + CO2(g)
b. 2Na(s)+ Cl2(g) ---> 2NaCl(s)
c. C(s)+ O2(g) -----> CO2(g)
d. CO(g)+ 1/2O2(g)---> CO2(g)
e. Na(s)+ 1/2Cl2(l) ---> NaCl(s)
f. Na(s)+ 1/2Cl2(s) ---> NaCl(s)

i Know that A and D are not since they are compounds, I cant seem to get the answer, because i cant really distinguish between the rest.

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    By the definition of heat of formation (when one mole of compound is formed from the elements at 25C), the only possible equations is c. For f) I have never seen chlorine as a solid.

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    oops its Cl (g)

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    The f is from the elements, yielding one mole.

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