English read my paper please

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I have done the paper. can you please read if for me. How can i close it? i need a ending paragraph.

  • English read my paper please -

    People attend school for many different reasons for example, expanded knowledge, societal awareness, and enhanced interpersonal relationships. In this following essay I will provide you with details and specific reasons on why one may choose to attend school. Going into the minds of young citizens, teachers as well as giving you a point of view from parents. I would like for you the reader to not only realize why people attend school, but make you think on whether or not how this explanation will affect your life and the decisions you make.
    Many people question the reason for school. Why are we learning this? What am I ever going to use this for? And mainly, what’s the point of going to school? Young citizens attend school basically because they have no choice, when you’re talking about grade school there is really no absolute say so in whether or not you’re going to school. After the age 16 is when you take control over your educational future. A person that comes from a history of success, being from their parents or whomever they grew up with, is more like to want to expand their knowledge. They have the determination to keep up with the ones who made their life easy. All they know is success, the luxury lifestyle involved highly costs automobiles, mansion real estates, and the good life. They have the fear if they don’t get an education they won’t be able to continue this way of living. These are all reason why the less fortune does not feel the need to attend school. The child who grew up in a household where the income was below the normal, relatives have local regularly paying jobs, and the community they live in is basically poor. These young citizens do not have what the citizens of the highly successful life have. Their for they see no need to attend school. You can say they became immune to what’s surrounding them. It’s hard to want something you know nothing about. In their mind why go to school? What’s the reason, I seem to be doing okay with myself.
    Societal awareness and enhanced interpersonal relationships, Teachers and parents has a big part in the decision making of young citizens. What’s someone in high authority has to say about education impacts one. They want answers to questions like, why am I surrounded by people doing nothing but making mistakes?, If you a parent what’s your take on education?, Why do people tend to tell you what you do with your life?. If we the people can provide valuable good responses to these questions, one would consider school as a major option in their life and career. I’ve heard parents say what the way I run my household has no affect on how the young will react to school. But it does according to the New York State Association “A healthy home environment offers emotional security to children (Holdaway, 1979, 1984). Schools cannot simply provide a continuation of the home environment (Wells, 1987), but they play an inestimably important role in laying the foundation for children to learn to read (Rasinski & Fredericks, 1988). Rasisnski & Fredericks (1988) stated that in the literacy development of children, parents play a crucial role.”
    I recall asking the same very question while sitting in class during career day. Why do people attend school? I must say I received a different reason every time I asked. One would say some people need the strict school setting in order to learn and others do it just to get the little piece of paper that says you know how to do your job. Another visitor said people go to school to be prepared for life...meet and understand different kinds of people understand life's complications and be able to face and handle life's challenges.

  • English read my paper please -

    Sorry it won't allow me to post on how paper on here

  • English read my paper please -

    Bryan, you will need to type the whole paper here. You will not be able to copy/paste. We will be happy to read it and make suggestions.

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