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The Founding Fathers worried about the ability of the “average” citizen to make wise decisions on political issues. This concern seems to remain valid. Why hasn’t the situation changed given the increase in the number of Americans receiving education? Shouldn’t such ignorance decrease with education?

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    Anonymous.... we do not do your homework for you. After you have done the research and writing, we will be happy to make suggestions.

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    I disagree with the premise that today's average citizen is unable to make wise decisions on political issues.

    Wise and knowledgable people have always differed about how to govern the country. That said, many people do seem to believe their leaders and make what in retrospect appears to be poor choices. The issue of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is a prime example of the American public being led by leaders who may (or may not) have believed that Iraq was behind 9/11 and that it had dangerous weapons.

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