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1. What did Mike need at the store?
He needed some things.

2. Who went shopping together?
Mike and Ann did.

3. What did Mike and Ann do?
They went shopping together.

4. What did they look at?
They looked at the yellow bananas, the green peas, and the orange carrots.

5. What is the English word for 'dang-geun'? It's 'carrot'.

6. What did they see?
They saw candy and chocolate.

7. Did they see candy and chocolate? Yes, they did.

8. What did Mike put in the cart?
He didn't put anything.

9. Did they walk up and down every aisle? Yes, they did.

10. Was their shopping cart full?
No, it wasn't. It was still empty.

11. Did they get very tired?
Yes, they did.

12. Were they getting very tired?
Yes, they were.

13. Ann needed something at the store, didn't she? No, she didn't.

14. Did Ann need anything at the store? No, she didn't.

15. Did Mike need peas or carrots?
No, he didn't.

16. Was Mike able to remember the things that he wanted to buy at first? No, he wasn't.

17. Did Mike make a shopping list?
No, he didn't.

18. Mike is not a wise shopper, is he? No, he isn't.

19. Was Mike a wise shopper?
No, he wasn't.

20. What did Ann advise Mike to do?
She advised him to make a shopping list and be a wise shopper.

21. What does 'aisle' mean in Korean? It means 'bokdo' or 'tongno'.

22. What should Mike do if he doesn't want to forget the things that he should buy?
He should write everything down. He should make a shopping list.

23. What do you have to do if you don't want to forget the things that you have to buy?
I have to write everything down. I have to make a shopping list.

24. At last did Mike remember what he should buy? Yes, he did.

25. What is the meaning of 'still' in Korean? It's 'ajikdo'.
Would you check the questionsa and answers? Are they all grammatical?

  • English -

    All look good except these:

    They looked at the yellow bananas, the green peas, and the orange carrots.
    Remove the instances of "the."

    In #8, you should add "in the cart" at the end of the answer.

  • English -

    This site may help you with the translations.


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