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i posted this one a ways down, i apologize for double posting, but thought this might be a better way to ask.

question:if you write the numbers from 1-999 on a piece of paper, (1234567891011121314151617181920...998999)
what will the 2006th digit from the left be?

so my thought was #1-9 is 9 numbers, 10-99 is 89 numbers 2 digits each or 178 digits.
then, 100-700 is another 600 numbers and 1800 digits

so...9+178+1800=1987 digits. then counting from there, number 706 the 0 would be 2006th.

does this seem correct?

thank you again for all the time and effort. this is a really great service you provide.

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    That is what I got also.

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