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Which is the most reasonable measurement
1. A canteen of water
1mL 1L 10L
2. a bucket of sap
8L 380mL 38L
3. A can of beans
45L 4.5L 450mL
4.A mug of coffee
0.21L 21mL 2.1L
5. A carton of milk
1000mL 100L 100mL
6. A bottle of shampoo
36L 360mL 3.6L
Which would be the best choice....

  • Science/Capacity -

    1. A canteen of water
    1mL 1L 10L

    Two-liter bottles of a soft drinks are the largest size sold. Could you conveniently carry a 10-liter canteen? Since a liter contains 1,000 milliliters, this is about one sip of water. What do you think is the best answer?

    If you post YOUR answers to the other five questions, we'll be glad to check them for you.

  • Science/Capacity -

    You need to have some idea of the volume in the metric system. Personally, I think these questions could be improved: for example, how larger is the bucket? How large is the can of beans? etc
    You must have some idea from your class or from the question itself. Here are some volumes in U. S. system.
    1 U. S. teaspoon = approximately 5 mL
    1 U. S. quart = about 1 L.

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