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A local reporter has called you for help with an article on population growth in developing countries. He begins the article with the fact that over a billion people in developing nations live in households that have too little land to meet even their own needs for food and fuel. He wants you to help him understand the options that are available to these people. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following options.

Subdivide existing farms and redistribute the land so that everyone has enough to live on.
Combine small, inefficient, farms into larger cooperative farms that people farm jointly.
Open up new land for agriculture
Look for work in the cities
Emigrate to developed countries where opportunities are more readily available
What do you think are the best options available for people in this situation?

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    I am not certain what you want. THe assignment seems clear, but honestly, books have been written on this. One thing that is not brought out, is that local cultures have a big impact on the importance and the details of land use, those have to be considered. Remember Rhodesia? What a disaster for food production.
    I would like to critique your work,when you get it ready. thanks.

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