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What does a political party do after it wins the election in order to govern?

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    The elected individuals try to do their duties as spelled out in the Constitution. The party leaders usually help unify the various opinions of their people.

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    Curious question. Parties don't win elections, individuals do. So those individuals assemble staffs to help them make laws and rules to govern. Now, true, most of these assistants are from the political party of the winners. But to be certain, each winner in the election in many cases were not in total agreement, nor vision, with each other, and after election, these differences are apparent. Such is the nature of political parties, or political expediency....they are an odd collection of bedfellows.

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    i think by party it means republicans democrates....

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    Yep. Party in this questions means Republicans or Democrats. Both Bob and I gave you similar answers. By the way, no party wins all of the elections. Usually our elected government Congress people are split almost equally between both parties. The party with the majority in Congress usually dominates the legislation, although compromises are necessary.

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    this is what the question tells me

    without a doubt the primary goal or objective of a political party is to win elections.the winning party can then govern and implement its programs and policies. but whether a party wins or loses the election it has an important role to play in the american govermental system.

    then it says discuss the role played by the party that wins the election. in other words what does a party do after it wins the election in order to govern?

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    The party that wins the most Congressional seats chooses the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Because it has a majority, the winning party also can name party members as chairs of significant committees.

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    ok thanks
    and would the losing parties have any duties

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    You're welcome.

    Yes, the losing party tries to stop or at least weaken the legislation favored by the majority party.

    Check this article for more details.

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    thanks again for all of your help it is greatly appriciated

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    You're very welcome. :-)

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