Creating a Budget -HSM 220

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Need help to complete assgnmnt for HSM 220 due Sunday 10/12 - will attach the Appendix C upon request, not enough room to post on site. Various budget approaches play an important role in resource allocation in human service org. The matrix budget consists of line-item, functional and program budgets. You are an executive director for a local gov't workforce agency that focuses on providing career-and-work related skills. The Dept. of Educ. has awarded your agency with grant funding of $1.6 million to provide training programs to high school dropouts. The funded programs are basic work skills training program and a vocational program. You are preparing a budget matrix to present to the awarding agency.

  • Creating a Budget -HSM 220 -

    I have no idea what's in Appendix C, but after creating special programs' budgets for 7 years in a school district, I know that these are the items to be taken care of ... in this order:

    1. all personnel costs (salaries, FICA, etc., including allowances for any overtime expected)
    2. all building costs (rents, electricity, water, etc.)
    3. all costs related to analyzing and reporting on the program's progress
    4. all costs for instructional materials (including any taxes and shipping charges)

    There are other items you'll think of along the way, but these are the main costs ... in order!

  • Creating a Budget -HSM 220 -

    I need help with appendix c

  • Creating a Budget -HSM 220 -

    Just cant think of this or get it together right now my mind is so far off. I just need help.

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