One more 5th grade adding letter problem

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I thought I was getting the hang of these but I'm stumped on this one too. Any advise on how to solve it?
s e e d
+ i c e d
s p i c e

c= ___ d=___ e=___ i= ___ p= ___ s=___
Hint: Solve for s and i. Then is e is even or odd?


  • One more 5th grade adding letter problem -

    Well, s has to be one, and to get a carry digit i has to be 8 or 9. e has to be even.
    So e is 2,4,6,8
    If e is 2, then c is 4 and i is six, wont work
    if e is 4, c is 8, i is 2, wont work
    if e is 6, c is 2, i is 8 works, but then s+i with carry wont be enough
    if e is 8, c is 6, i is 5, works. Solved.

  • One more 5th grade adding letter problem -

    I thought i has to be 8 or 9 to get the carry over s=1. Wouldn't p=0?

  • One more 5th grade adding letter problem -

    who are you

  • One more 5th grade adding letter problem -

    tut no lig envo sup ojjh

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