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How did rligion paly an important role in the founding of the massechusetts bay colony?

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    Let us know what you decide, and someone here will be happy to comment on your ideas.

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    For many, religion is a critical element of their culture. like language, clothing and customs religion is often a foundational component of their culture, the question of faith is not as important as the question of compliance with the local culture. anybody who does not confrom to their culture (dress like us, go to the same church of us and etc) is dangerous. in Mass. the pilgrims were very intolerant of other sects of christianity, esp. of quakers. as is all too often the case, the downtrodden abused can't wait for their chance to become the abusive ruling class. such was the case with many "christian" sects in the new world. in short, religion was a critical element of culture, and culture is the "GLUE" that unifies groups. sadly, it all too often creates and "us vs. them" mentality.

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