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maths help!!!!!!!!

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An empty 5-gal water jug weights 0.75lb. with 3 c of water inside, the jug weighs 2.25 lbs. Predict the weight of the jug with 5 c of water inside.

Plz explain how to do this.....

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    I would find the weight of the 3 cup water...

    Do that by subtracting the empty weight from the final weight.

    Now, find the weight of 1 cup...divide the weight of 3 cup by 3.

    Now to find the weight of 5c, ...

  • maths help!!!!!!!! -

    2.25 - 0.75 = 1.5 lbs.

    1.5 / 3 = 0.5

    If one cup weighs 0.5 lbs., how much does 5 c weigh?

    Add the weight of 5 c to the weight of the empty jub.

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