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Would anyone out there know any particularly useful places (translation: please do not merely give me a remedial tutorial about how one conducts research)to go in which to look for people that are viewed as heroes by the indigenous (native) peoples of Latin America?

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    Here are some "heros" to research.

    Gen. José de San Martín.
    Simón Bolívar
    José Artigas

    Suggestion: I used to tell my three boys that courtesy and a smile will get you where good looks won't.

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    i need help

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    I suspect that book would be very helpful, if your bookseller can get it to you in a quick time. Not all of the heroes were in the category you listed, but several are.

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    Was there some sign of discourtesy that you detected there? I was merely saying what would not be helpful to me based on what I have seen on this site before. How does that show a lack of courtesy?

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