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explain how the path your life would take would be diffrent if school ended after 9th grade...

well im just looking for a few ideas that could basically involve anyone.

the only few things i could come up with are
- moar school
- getting job sooner

and the question is being adressed to a 9th grader

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    Did you think on the questions I asked you?

    Reread and think. What would have been different without the senior courses?

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    Didn't you read Bobpursley's answer??


    If you quit school after 9th grade, you'd be working a full time menial job. My grandmother only went through 8th grade in rural Indiana about 1895 -- and then cooked in her parents' hotel until she married. She never worked outside the home after that. She also didn't have any hobbies except watching TV.

    You'll need to define how you expect life to be assuming you graduate from high school and probably go to college. How would your life be different if this was your last year in school?

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    yea i saw bob's post

    Did you after the ninth grade grow in personal relationships? how should i know this

    Did you after the ninth grade learn to love any academic areas? what am i suppose to do, make somthing i think i might go into and then make up another academic area that i might love if it changed...

    bottom line is that i don't know how things will turn out and it's asking more for how it would be diffrent if everyone ended at 9th grade, not just me dropping out

    What would have been different without the senior courses? i have adressed this and say more school
    im only looking for other ideas because im missing a body in my essay

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    I think you've missed the whole point of this assignment. You're to use your imagination and powers of observation.

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    We will be happy to critique your thinking, but we cannot do it for you.
    Good luck.

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