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Cn u xplain the solutions steps by steps? Cz i really dnt understand wen i revise it nw. Tnxs u kindly. Two particles A & B are connected by a light inextensible string passing over a smooth pulley P. Particle A, of mass m, lies on a plane inclined at 30degree to the horizontal with the part AP of the string parallel to a line of greatest slope. Particle B, of mass 2 m, lies on a horizontal plane with the part BP of the string horizontal & the plane APB vertical. (i) assuming that both planes are smooth, show that when the particles are released from rest the acceleration of B is (1/6)g. Find the expression for the tension in the string in terms of m & g. (ii) the acceleration of B was in fact observed to be (1/8) g.Assuming that the horizontal plane is rough & the inclined plane is smooth, calculate the value of the coefficient of friction between B & the horizontal plane. Answer: (i) (1/3) mg (ii) (1/16)

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    chngng nms ech tym don't help

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