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To create artificial gravity, the space station shown in the drawing is rotating at a rate of 0.85 rpm. The radii of the cylindrically shaped chambers have the ratio rA/rB = 3.85. Each chamber A simulates an acceleration due to gravity of 10.0 m/s2.

(a) Find rA.
(b) Find rB.
_____ m
(c) Find the acceleration due to gravity that is simulated in chamber B.
_______ m/s2

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    For a)

    10m/s^2=angular veloicty^2 * radiusA
    change .85rpm to radians/sec, and then solve for radiusA.
    Then solve for radiusB given the ratio.
    Then assuming the rotation is the same,
    g=angularvelocity^2*radiusB (it ought to be 3.85 times as much)

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