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When someone brings their values and culture and integrate it into the American culture. Does this mean that the values are still American even though they may have come from another country?

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    When the values and culture are integrated into American culture, then they certainly are American.

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    yes, but its basis is from another country/culture (in my opinion...)

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    All Americans came from other countries. Even Native Americans probably came from Asia some 10,000 years ago.

    Our American culture is a huge conglomeration of different cultures.

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    One can, and many have, argued this before: the melting pot vs the "salad bowl" (assimilation vs cultural plurism).

    I was bewildered when students argued these points when I was in college many years ago.

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    oh well that makes sense... somethings are old enough where that have become part of the culture and IS america(melting pot) while others are just there in america and can be 'taken out'(salad bowl)...

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