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keeping osmosis in mind, would it be better to soak wilted flowers in distilled water or normal tap water?

I was thinking tap but I`m not sure why I`m thinking that. Maybe because tap water has a higher solute concentration that than distilled. i`m not sure. could you explain please? thanks

For the question above I was thinking more about hypertonic and hypotonic. In that sense which would be better?

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    Reread my previous answer. If you placed the cell in hypotonic, water diffused into the cell. So distilled is best.

  • bob -sci. -

    With osmosis in mind, the distilled water would be better because increasing the solute concentration outside the flower cell wall will increase the flow of water from the cell to the outside. That is the opposite of what you want to revive wilted flowers. However, I doubt that tap water contains a solute concentration that much nigher (if higher at all) than the solution inside the flower. From another stand point, most (many may be a better word) city water supplies are treated with chlorine which is NOT good for flowers, wilted or otherwise. With regard to hypotonic and hypertonic, these work the same way as the osmosis. Given a choice, I wouldn't use tap water.

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