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I need to create an experiment to separate and identify the components of an unknown heterogeneous mixture and to recover as much of the separated solid components as possible.

The unknown mixtures may contain up to 4 of the following substances, one or none from the following categories.
Category A: iron fillings
Category B: salt or cobalt chloride
Category C: carbon or chalk
Category D: sand

Here are the materials that will be available.
125mL beaker
Watch glasses
Small scoops
Filter paper
Test tubes/rack

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    Use the magnet first.
    Use the water second.
    I will be happy to critique your solution.

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    So I should try separating the solids using a magnet, and then use water?

    If it's not too much to ask, could you write out a simple procedure for me?

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    I think the idea behind Bob Pursley's answer was to get you started. You take his hints and write a procedure.

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