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Pursuing a profession in which you will be an integral part of a child’s development is a very important decision. Discuss what led you to make this decision and what you envision for the remainder of your academic career as well as the beginning of your professional career

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    Are you sure education is the right field for you? If you want to be a teacher or an educational paraprofessional, you should be trying to answer these questions yourself.

    If you make an attempt to answer these questions, we'll be more than happy to discuss them with you.

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    Do you have any ideas

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    I thought that you would be able to give me some type incite on these question. I do not want all of the answer, just how would you answer the questions.

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    Your instructor doesn't want to know how some anonymous stranger would answer these questions. They are clearly aimed at YOU, the student. Your instructor wants YOU to think about why YOU want to go into education. If you can't think of any answers for this question, please drop the class. You wouldn't be happy as a teacher or a parapro.

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    Ms. Sue is absolutely right. These questions are for YOU to answer, not anyone else.

    Please also work on using the correct words and phrasing and punctuation.
    * "type incite" should be type of insight. <~~I'm sure that's NOT what you mean.
    * "question" should be questions.
    * "answer" should be answers.
    * The comma after "answer" makes this a comma splice, which is a type of run-on:
    * There should be a question mark at the end.

    Please ... if you are planning to go into education at any level, you must get your spoken and written English under control. Teachers must be the BEST role models in all ways for their students.

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    I can't possibly have ideas about what led YOU to make this decision. What are YOUR goals?

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