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IAH 206 - Humanities

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My teacher wants me to tell how technology modifies our world, and what that means for certain themes about technology, but he wants us to focus on ways in which technology may have an impact on our "selves" in a broader and more indirect way, in ways that don't have to do with actually manipulating, altering, or modifying our bodies?

Any ideas of what I should talk about?

  • IAH 206 - Humanities -

    Some observations:

    Cell phones -- Before cell phones people weren't always instantly available. Now, many people chat as they're driving, riding, and walking and stay in constant phone contact with family and friends. Forget to check if you needed sugar before you left for the grocery store? Call home. Bored with your commute? Call a friend. Want to send a quick message? Text your friend. Have we lost some of our abilities to plan ahead or remember something?

    Internet -- Some people become addicted and lose personal, face-to-face contact with the outside world. Google almost anything (including math problems) and get instant answers.

    What other ideas do you have?

  • IAH 206 - Humanities -

    Well i was thinking of Genetically Modified Food.
    But what I am having a hard time with on this paper is that. GMO's and even cell phones alter our "selves"

  • IAH 206 - Humanities -

    GMO do not alter our bodies, that is the point. GMO alters the plants. I don't know how you think cellphones alter our bodies.

  • IAH 206 - Humanities -

    Oh ok. I am starting to understand this a little better. So if GMO alter the crops what would be an objection to that? Possibly that it is good or isnt good for the crops?

  • IAH 206 - Humanities -

    Some research indicates that GMO may affect our bodies. But I don't think GMO affects our "selves."

    I think your instructor is looking for ways that modern technology affects how our habits and behaviors have changed in recent years.

    An example from history:

    After the movable type for the printing press was invented, books became affordable for many more people than before. This was new technology -- and as a result, more people learned to read. However, it was also said that with books, people didn't need to remember as many things -- but used books as a crutch for what the mind had formerly done.

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