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New York Mets: Baseball::_______:_________
I'm stuck Please help.

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    How about

    Manchester United : Soccer

    Hull KR : rugby

    Pittsburgh Steelers : football

    i.e. city:sport

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    It depends on what you think NYMets mean to baseball. I think they are overrated, so

    NY Mets:Baseball::Dallas Cowboys:Football

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    These type of questions are often difficult and I always used to get them wrong due to too much lateral thinking!

    The teacher might be thinking of

    teams moving in 2009 so the other pair is another team moving in 2009.

    or thinking a another pair founded in 1962

    or another pair that has won the world series twice.

    or another team that is three words

    see what I mean!

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    I agree with Dr Russ....the perceived relationship of the NY Mets and Baseball affects the answer greatly.

    How about this...

    NY Mets: Baseball :: Maria Callas: Opera

    That could be the answer if you think the NY Mets is the greatest thing that ever happened to baseball...(I am a longtime Callas fan).

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    I like

    NY Mets: Baseball :: Pele: soccer

    Univ. of Kentucky : Basketball

    Andrew Lloyd Weber : theatre

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