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High School Math

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for the following write an equation and solve it.

Terri and Nick rode their bikes toward each other starting from two towns 24 miles apart. Terri rode three miles per hour faster than Nick and they met in two hours. How fast did each person ride?

I think I need to use the formula d=rt

  • High School Math -

    terri speed=3+nickspeed

    terrispeed*2hrs + nickdistnace*2hrs=24mi
    solve for nickspeed first.

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    what should you not do if you want to help get rid of graffiti

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    Sign A Partition

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    : Ashwin and Donald decided to set out from two towns on their bikes, which are 247 miles apart, connected by a straight Roman road in England. When they finally met up somewhere between the two towns, Ashwin had been cycling for 9 miles a day. The number of days for the whole adventure is 3 more than the number of miles that Donald had been cycling in a day. How many miles did each cycle? explanatory solutions

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