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the two earliest attempts of the english at colonization in america failed because of:

1. the weakness of the join stock compnay
2. the hostility of spain
3. inadequate financial resources
4. lack of distinguished leadership

i think it is 3

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    It could be 3, but 1 and 4 could also be true. What does your book say?

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    i don't have a book i have do this research on the internet and this test is very very hard

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    You certainly must have readings or text materials recommended by your instructor.

    This is a value judgment question and cannot be answered objectively.

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    no we don't but thank you for you help though

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    Points out that disease is a major factor in the failures.

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    that's not really one of the choices

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    Frankly, I think it's a bad question, unless you've been assigned a specific text that makes it clear what the author believed to be the major factor.

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