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rewrite the constitution... How do you set up the paper?? roman numerals and re-think the current constitution and write what I tihnk it should say?

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    I'm not sure what you mean by the Roman numerals. But you need to rewrite the Constitution in your own words. Put the ideas of the original writers in modern language.

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    the paper says: "hint hint, do you know roman numerals" in the teachers note. And it says to outline and rewrite the consitution, and gives us a copy of the constitution and its in sections and articals.

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    i hate skool!

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    plz get me 8th question paper

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    me to you don't understand any of it.

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    some people need to help kids more.

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    This copy of the Constitution uses Roman numerals for the major parts and Arabic (our) numerals for the subpoints. I think your teacher wants you to take each major part, like Roman numeral I, The Legislative Branch, and write it in our own words, using the same Arabic numerals.


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    it says that it have till 27 amentments

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    what do you mean?

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    stik together.+

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    How were the Southern Colonies Established?

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