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I'm learing about connotations of words. Although many words have connotations that most of us agree to because they are culturally shared, some worlds cna be given a different connotation in some contexts.
However, since I am a ballingual student, I'm having a hard time doing this homework.

I have to write sentences for each of these words so they should imply opposite connotaions rather than the usual connotations.

a. natural +
b. old -
c. committed +
d. free +
e. chemical -
f. lazy -


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    Here are a couple of examples... Then you see what you can come up with.

    My grandma used to say, "You are free to do what you want so long as you want to do what I say."

    He should be committed to the insane asylum for doing something that silly.

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    Here are a few ideas.

    a. He is a natural liar.
    b. My old furniture is valuable because they are well-cared for antiques.
    c. The schizophrenic patient was committed to a mental institution.
    d. Natural products claim to be free of artificial chemicals.
    e. Some athletes use illegal chemicals to enhance their performance.
    f. Many of us love the lazy days of August.

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