Medical transcription HIPAA research project

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I have never done a research project and I don't understand how to do the reference page or the work cited for internet sources. Can you help? For example, I went to US Deparment of Health and Human Services Protecting the Privacy of Patients Health Information Second section Patient Protections First bullit Access to medical records. Where do I find the information like year, what do I use for author etc.? Thanks for your help.

  • Medical transcription HIPAA research project -

    All this depends on which style guide your instructor wants you to use. It'll probably be one of these:

    MLA: (Scroll down to the bottom for links to details on different types of sources.)
    (Broken Link Removed) (Hold your cursor over CITING SOURCES and then click on the type of source you need information for. Electronic Resources/Internet is the one to use for Internet information.)

    APA: (Again, scroll to the bottom for links to specifics.)
    (Broken Link Removed)



    Once you've determined which style you are to use, please repost. Tell us which style you are using and type in what you think a correct entry is for this particular resource. Then someone here will be able to let you know if you're on the right track or what.


  • Medical transcription HIPAA research project -


    Is this the website you're referring to?

    (Broken Link Removed)


  • Medical transcription HIPAA research project -

    hello, my quetion is how to combine the word part to a medical term?

    erythr/o cyt/o/e

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