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The official policy of the British crown and Parliament toward the American colonies is essentially embodied in the economic and political theory of mercantilism; however, in reality sometimes by intent, mostly by accident, a policy of salutary neglect developed and flourished. This policy is considered by many to the the underlying cause of the American Revolution. Judge the degree to which this statement is accurate.

Can someone please help me with this question. I am very confused.

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    To answer this question you need to understand the economic and political theory of mercantilism.

    However, this question is confusing because it isn't clear what is meant by "This policy." Please check with your instructor to find whether you're supposed to write about mercantilism or the policy of salutary neglect.

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    i think it is askikng about salutary neglect

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    What do you think? Did the British policy of neglecting the colonies contribute the the Revolution?

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