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weight issues

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: My question: DO you agree with Ellen when she said that Rebecca can accept that Hannah think Rebecca is thin - give details THIS CONVERSATION TOOK PLACE BETWEEN HANNAH (REBECCA’S THERAPIST) AND REBECCA FACE-TO-FACE IN HANNAH’S OFFICE Hannah: “You are the right weight for your size” Rebecca: “What do you mean” Hannah: “You are not overweight or underweight” Rebecca: Do you think I am thin” Hannah: “Do you like to be thin” Rebecca: “Yes” Hannah: “It is ok to be thin” Rebecca: “True” Hannah: “You are thin not skinny: Rebecca: “Why did you hesitate when I asked you if you think I am thin” Hannah: “BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE INSULTED WHEN YOU TELL THEM YOU THINK THEY ARE THIN, THEY SAY WHY DO YOU THINK I AM TOO THIN” AS THEY PARTED HANNAH REASSURED REBECCA ONE MORE TIME SHE THINKS REBECCA IS ABSOLUTELY AND DEFINITELY THIN THEN THIS CONVERSATION A WEKK LATER FACE-TO-FACE IN HANNAH’S OFFICE Rebecca: “So how was the party” Hannah: “Great it ended at 1AM” Rebecca: “That is great. Just out of curiosity do you think I am thin” Hannah: “Absolutely and definitely thin” Rebecca: “Why did you say that I am the right weight for your size” Hannah: “Because many times I associate thin as being too skinny, thin usually isn’t in my vocabulary” PHONE CONVERSATION A DAY LATER Rebecca: “Just confirming my appointment for next week” Hannah: “Ok and You are absolutely definitely thin” Rebecca: “Ok I believe you think I am thin, but what is your definition of thin” Hannah: “You cannot go by definition but by the person. Let me explain: In other words lets say a girl by the name of Donna is blonde. When you look at the definition it doesn’t say Donna is blond, it says blonde is a color, same applies to thin. Rebecca is thin. I said you are definitely think absolutely thin. I said it about six times. Again you are absolutely and definitely thin. I will repeat it again.” and she repeated it a few more times REBECCA: “YOU DO TELL ME ALL THE TIME I AM THIN” HANNAH: “I KNOW I DID , BUT I TOLD YOU IN DIFFERENT WAY” LATER THAT NIGHT Rebecca called Ellen and told Ellen about the conversations and Ellen said “Yes you can definitely accept the fact Hannah thinks you are thin?

  • weight issues -

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