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humanism is

a.equal rights for all
b.devotion to the greek and latin classics
c.the renaissance system of classifying people
d.none of the above

from what I understood from reading about renaissance humanism from wikipedia I chose B

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    Read carefully:

    Answer b above is only part of it.

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    don't get it

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    Jon, did you read that article?

    As you read it, write down what humanism is. Then look at the choices. Then you will easily see which one is correct.

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    yes I read it. I'll write it down

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    equal rights for all?

    I'm getting all of them though. its not as clear as it should be I guess. all its talking about is learning and incorporating things into what others have already said.

    "It has been stressed over and over again that humanism was neither a philosophy nor a movement, but an educational curriculum. In its earliest stages, the groundwork for this curriculum was laid down by private individuals such as Petrarch and public officials, such as Salutati. Humanism as an educational curriculum began in the early years of the fourteenth century in Italy. The two foundational figures in humanist education were Guarino Veronese (1374-1406) in Ferrara and Vittorino da Feltre (1373-1446) at Mantua. They each independently designed an entire curriculum for their young students consisting of physical and intellectual eduation. They used the newly rediscovered texts of Quintilian as the model of their educational program; students had to master both Latin and Greek as well as acquire a thorough grounding in the works of Cicero, Plato, and Aristotle. This would become the model of Renaissance education in the century to follow."

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    Renaissance Humanism is the spirit of learning that developed at the end of the middle ages with the revival of classical letters and a renewed confidence in the ability of human beings to determine for themselves truth and falsehood.

    D. none of the above

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    Yeeeeeeeha!!!!!!!!! by George, you got it! Well done!

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