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I am a pre-k summer school teacher, and the theme for this week is "my neighbors." Can you suggest any lesson plans or art and craft activities that connects to the "my neighbor" theme.... or do you know a particular website that could help me.... thanks alot

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    how about different kinds of jobs that people do.

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    We did the theme "community workers" already.... in this theme the children talked about different community helpers such as the firefighters, doctors, etc....

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    Why don't you explore the diversity of a neighborhood?

    In one house, a family with husband, wife, and two sons; both parents work; both sons are in school.

    In another house, a husband and wife who both work and who occasionally have the wife's son for summer and other school holidays.

    In another house, a retired couple who do a lot of gardening and whose son and family live a few miles away and come to visit.

    In another house, a husband and wife (only the husband works) and their two sons and one daughter, all of school ages.

    In another house ...

    You get the idea. You could have a neighborhood of 12 houses on a cul-de-sac and 3 or 4 houses on the cross street. Sometimes they might throw "block" parties.

    Wind up your imagination!!


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    Thanks for your suggestion, but remember this is pre-k (most of the children recently turned 3).... wont this be a bit too complex?

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    You need to tell us specifics like this when you post your question. That way, we won't waste our time.

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    Thank you for clarifying the age group. I assumed that pre-K was made up of 4- and 5-year-olds.

    You could ask the parents to bring in a photo of a neighborhood family. Then the children could each make a picture frame of popsicle sticks. Help them crop a photo and glue it to their frame.

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    You could do fram animals. And let the children add the animals you talked about to the flannel board. They will love it and remeber it, too. The parents will see the flannel board and the childen will retell their day.

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