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create a table lays out day by day plan to use a job aid for your employment search,spanning 3 weeks.

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    Create a table that lays out a day-by-day plan to use as a job aid for your employment search, spanning 3 weeks.

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    Try and work the tables out as I couldn't attach it. This is how I did mine. Good luck.

    Week 1 Week 2 Week3
    Monday I start my job search by checking the job section in the newspapers and also searching for jobs on the internet as they are many job web sites on the internet now. I spend part of the day searching for many available positions I may be interested in and also write some more application letters to meet their requirements. I receive a phone call today from one of the companies that I sent my resume to asking me to come in for an interview on Wednesday. I’m excited, yet, nervous.
    Tuesday I go back on the internet and make a list of all suitable job positions that I am interested in, and then I print out the company names and their contact details and their requirements for the position. Today, I need a lot of concentration as I am aiming to write a job winning resume, and then, I start with writing my resume. Today, I have to practice how to carry myself during my interview and how to answer questions in a professional manner.
    Wednesday I plan on how to write my resume and application letter to tailor the needs of each of the prospective employers. By today, I should have a good draft of my resume ready for review by expert resume writers. I send in a copy of my drafted resume for review and wait for a response. I arrive a few minutes early for my interview. I’ll be very polite but confident too, because prospective employers want an employee who is confident in their own abilities. After the interview, I thank them for their time and leave.
    Thursday I start with writing my cover or application letter to suit the needs of each prospective employer and then save them on my hard disk and print out some hard copies just in case. Hopefully by today I would have received a response from a resume writer to let me know if I did a good job or what I can add or remove to make it a good resume. I write a follow-up letter to the company’s HR person who interviewed me, thanking them for their time and letting them know that I hope to hear from them soon.
    Friday I take time out today and proofread my application letters to make sure that I have written a winning application letter and also to check for spellings or grammatical errors. By today, I should have my revised resume ready and then I send each one with its’ own application letter to each of the companies that I’m applying to for a job. I get a phone call today from the company: I got the job!!
    Saturday Start working on my resume. I go clothes shopping in anticipation of being called for interview. I want to look a step better than the employees who already work at the establishment that I’m applying to for a job. I start getting myself ready to start work on Monday.
    Sunday Go to church, come home and relax. After church today, I still have to buy nice smart shoes to compliment the skirt or pant suit that I will wear for my interview. I give thanks to God today for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

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