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In the case of Florida v. Enio Jimeno:
a.What is the correct citation of the case? b.On what page does the court's decision begin? c.Is it proper to quote anything prior to this page? d.Which Justices(s)joined in that opinion? e.Which Justices(s) joined in that opinion? f.Which Justice wrote the dissenting opinion? g.Which Justice(s)join in the dissenting opinion? h. Is this a per curiam, majority, or plurality opinion? i.What are the important facts? j.Who won at the trial level? k.Where did the case go after it left the trial court and before it reached the U.S. Supreme Court? l.What was the issue before the U.S. Supreme Court? m.What did the court hold? n.What was the Court's reasoning for reaching this holding? o.What was the result? p.Why did the dissent reason that the result should have been different?
Using the answers to the previous questions, write a case brief for Jimeno.

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