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what the meaning of transformation?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you need a definition of a word, don't forget a good dictionary:

    Main Entry: trans·for·ma·tion
    Pronunciation: "tran(t)s-f&r-'mA-sh&n, -for-
    Function: noun
    Date: 15th century
    1 : an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed
    2 : false hair worn especially by a woman to replace or supplement natural hair
    3 a (1) : the operation of changing (as by rotation or mapping) one configuration or expression into another in accordance with a mathematical rule; especially : a change of variables or coordinates in which a function of new variables or coordinates is substituted for each original variable or coordinate (2) : the formula that effects a transformation b : FUNCTION 5a c : an operation that converts (as by insertion, deletion, or permutation) one grammatical string (as a sentence) into another; also : a formal statement of such an operation
    4 a : genetic modification of a bacterium by incorporation of free DNA from another ruptured bacterial cell; compare TRANSDUCTION b : genetic modification of a cell by the uptake and incorporation of exogenous DNA

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    http://www.answers.com/transformation or http://www.answers.com/transform

    Transform = verb form
    Transformation = noun form

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