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education what u think about it (continued)

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Random student locker searches without permission

What are the students' rights?
Students have the right in South Dakota to attend school free, attend school and join school activities at no expense, attend school until 21, or graduate from high school, the students have to except the school to be a safe learning environment, the school will provide an educational program to meet every students needs, and exercise the right of freedom of speech.

What are students’ responsibilities?
Students in South Dakota as most schools in the United States; are responsible to attend school daily, except if sick or excused, arrive on time for all classes unless you are excused, show respect to public property, be aware of all rules and regulations for student behavior, take advantage of the educational opportunities, respect everyone, refrain from misconduct or behavior, and finally dress appropriately.

Identify the rights and responsibilities you will have as a teacher?
Teachers have the right to have enough supplies of appropriate materials, a comfortable place to meet with students, parents, or other teachers, a place to be alone, a safe place to keep private possessions. In order to do a locker searches on random basis the school district must post a notice in the code of conduct. The school district also has the right to search vehicles that are parked on the school property. In order to do this they may want to put a notice in the code of conduct also. Teachers also have the responsibility of providing a safe learning enviroment.

Is it fair to infringe on students' rights for the sake of the learning environment? Why or Why not?

This question all depends on who you ask. If you are going to ask a student, the student would most likely so say no. A student may say no because they say it is unfair because they say it theirs and have personal things in their locker. Students do not realize that the lockers are owned by the school, and the school does not need any permission to search the lockers. Why would one be afraid of random locker searches? If anyone seems to be afraid it usually means they hiding some type of contraband. Some contraband can be liquor, drugs (marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine) cigarettes, or even prescription drugs. If we were to ask a teacher if it is fair to search lockers without permission most not if all would say yes. Teachers are responsible for making sure there is safety within all the students’. In order to do a locker searches on random basis the school district must post a notice in the code of conduct. The school district also has the right to search vehicles that are parked on the school property. In order to do this they may want to put a notice in the code of conduct also.

please tell me on how to fix it to be better and ur input on other things

  • education what u think about it (continued) -

    The Supreme Court has held that students have a legitimate expectation of privacy in their persons and accompanying possessions. However, the Court also has held that schools have a substantial interest in maintaining security and order in the classroom and on school grounds.

    ~~School officials need only have "reasonable suspicion" that a particular search will reveal evidence that the student has violated or is violating either the law or the rules of the school.

    ~~Under certain limited circumstances, school officials also may be able to conduct random, suspicionless weapon and/or drug searches of student vehicles parked on school grounds.

    ~~Or, such students simply may be required to agree to provide school officials with access to their vehicles on demand.

    ~~Suspicionless vehicle searches must be done uniformly or by systematically random selection, such as every third car


    ==In interpreting and applying the "reasonable suspicion" standard set forth by the Supreme Court, lower courts generally have required more than general suspicion, curiosity, rumor, or a hunch to justify searches of students and their possessions.

    ==The Supreme Court has not decided whether, and to what extent, students have legitimate expectations of privacy in school property such as lockers, desks, or other areas provided for the storage of school supplies and/or personal belongings

    ==Indeed, at least one court has described the school locker as a student's "home away from home.

    ==First, at the start of each academic year, school administrators can provide students with a written statement that details the school's policy of conducting random, unannounced searches throughout the year of student lockers, desks, and any other targeted areas within the school. The statement should inform students that they are to consider all such areas to be "public," not "private."

    ==Moreover, the nonprivate nature of areas such as lockers and desks should be made obvious to the students.

    ==To justify such a policy, a school will have to demonstrate that it has a very serious weapon and/or drug problem and that conducting these searches is a reasonably effective means of combatting that problem. For example, the school may have to show either that (1) students have access to their vehicles during the school day and thus are able to bring weapons and/or drugs from their vehicles into the schools or (2) weapons and/or drugs are used or exchanged within the immediate area of the parking lot.

    ==In addition, the school must adequately inform all students who use the lot that their vehicles are subject to search. This notice should inform the students of the grounds for the search, the extent of the search, and the frequency or regularity of the searches. This notice must be consistent with the school's actual vehicle search practice.

    More relevant information from my old school. Last year on a chorus trip 2 students were foudn to have marijuana in their hotel room. Earlier this year students were kicked off the football team for posession of alcohol and underage drinking. Also note that there has not been any drugs found or violence in the school. There is no general knowledge of drugs in the school, only rumors. The school did NOT notify about the random locker searches. This new policy has just been adopted and is not in any school handbook. All previous new policies were put off till the following year so the entire student body and parents know all of the policies (in fact they make us get a signed statement that students and parents know what is in the handbook).

    One possible point is that they are forcing the student to be removed from class. This prevents the student from learning whatever is being taught that day. Sure it can be argued the student can get a summary-but that's never as good as the real lecture. There are tons of parts in lectures that can matter on a test when a summary would not suffice. Look at the difference between reading a book and looking it up on sparknotes-major difference in amount of relevant information.

  • education what u think about it (continued) -


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    Please note that further posts of this identical question will be removed.

    Get busy! And go get an A!!

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