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Please help me ive been trying to figure this out, but I DO NOT understand it...I do not understand what an embedded sentence is
We have to find the embedded sentences in:
I deplore the fact that bats have wings.

That Guinevere loves Lorian is known to all my friends.

please explain to me what it is so I can do the rest of my homework..thanks so much!!

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    This is supremely easy! Just find sentences within sentences that make sense to the subject!

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    Isabel is right -- just look for a sentence inside the whole sentence.

    Let us know what you find, and someone here will be happy to comment.


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    I deplore the fact that bats have wings.
    --> bats have wings
    That Guinevere loves Lorian is known to all my friends
    --> Guinevere loves Lorian

    This is what someone told me but then i looked at the sample problem:
    "Yesterday I noticed my accountant repairing the toilet"--> the answer to this was "my accountant repairing the toilet" which is not a sentence

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    The two that you listed at the top are correct. These can be sentences on their own.

    The example with "repairing" in it is not an embedded sentence; you are right.

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    yes but that was the answer...that was the sample problem on the page and the answer was "my accoutnant repairing the toilet" that is why i don't understand it

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    I don't understand it either, but then I've seen lots of BAD MISTAKES in textbooks. Not every text is perfect. Just know that you are right: "my accountant repairing the toilet" is not a complete sentence. The ones you wrote in the third post here are correct.

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