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AED 200

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As the supply of teachers diminishes, the demand on new and existing teachers increases. As a potential teacher and educator, identify two perceived challenges of the teaching profession that you may struggle with most. In contrast, identify two opportunities you may have as a teacher

  • AED 200 -

    Some pros of teaching (PC phrasing "opportunities")
    *intrinsic rewards as you see children learn
    *career in which you never really stop learning how to do it better; the best way to make raises for yourself is to get more education and training
    *camaraderie with and learning from your colleagues

    Some cons of teaching (PC phrasing, "challenges")
    *fair to middling starting pay
    *children/students who truly don't care about learning anything (very few of these, thank heaven)
    *a few colleagues who seem to be "deadwood" -- aren't interested in kids or teaching, only interested in collecting a paycheck, especially noticeable among those who have tenure!
    *working for administrators and board members who know less than you do and have often had less classroom experience than you have

    These are my own reactions, based on a 33-year career teaching English in high school and community college; you need to develop your own.

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