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I have to come up with proposals about a project i have to do. It can be about any thing, and it doesn't have to be solvabe. For example, one kid chose to do an report on how to build a time machine.

I came up with having a all in one washing/dryer machine, or building a hybrid and solar airplanes. Or writing a manual on cleanining guns.

I need more ideas, like two more. Can you please help me

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    How about making a single-family home completely independent in their source of electric energy -- by means of solar and/or wind power.

    Others may have more ideas. This one interests me most right now!

  • thank you, any more ideas -

    please, now I need one more.

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    I like Writeacher's suggestion. :-)

    Here's an old idea that I've always liked -- putting a vehicle on a highway and having it run and steer itself.

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    I understand that such a project is being developed but it's very early in the research stage. Also, I understand that it has done well on the test highway; of course, there must be a special highway. Steered by radio waves or similar devices. I found a little about it at the following site but it isn't the earliest source. I read about it in the newspaper about five hears ago.

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