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MY QUESTION after you read the story: Do you agree/concur with what I told Charlene ?

Charlene (who is very thin) went to a coffee shop for lunch and a girl who is there was eating lunch with her brother. The girl saw Charlene eating a bagel and cream cheese and said; You shouldn’t eat that;. The brother explained that his sister just came from a nutrition lecture.

Later on Charlene asked a coworker: “Do I look fat”
Coworker: “You - you are so skinny”

About an hour later when Charlene was at the Xerox machine Josie came over. Keep in mind the Xerox machine blocked Josie’s view of Charlene

Charlene said: “Josie do you think I am thin?“
Josie hesitantly said: “Well” and then decided not to wait to make copies.

About two hours later Charlene got up from her chair to do something Josie ran over to Charlene.

Josie said: “Charlene; I only saw you sitting down, my god you are thin.;

That night Charlene called me. After she told me the story she asked me if she can accept the fact that Josie thinks Charlene is thin?”
I told Charlene: “Yes you can accept the fact she thinks you are thin and the only reason she first said well was because she never saw you standing, Josie only saw you sitting”

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