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"Thank you for your kind support in fundraising at last year's festival."

Is this grammatically correct? or is there a better way to phrase this?

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    It's grammatical. No errors there.

    I'd probably change it a bit:

    Thank you for your kind support in our fundraising events during last year's festival.

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    or better...

    ... for your kind support for our fundraising events...

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    Another question.

    "This year, we want to .... so we....."

    Infront of "so", should there be a comma?

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    Yes. In that case, the word "so" is being used as a coordinating conjunction and is followed by its own subject and verb, creating a compound sentence.

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    So it is:

    "This year, we want to ....., so we......"

    When is it the case that there is no comma before it? Can you give me an example?

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    two commas, would it be a run on sentence?

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    No, it would not be a run-on.

    The first comma is there because of the introductory phrase. (#3 in the linked webpage below.)

    The second comma is there because it's a compound sentence. (#2 in the linked webpage below.)


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    There's no comma needed when the clause following the "so" is a subordinate clause called a result clause. Usually the word "so" is also followed by the word "that" --

    We went to the mall early so that we could get a good parking place.

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